Op-Ed: Hello world! Do not adjust your monitor: you are now entering the Efficiency Zone. 'Tis the opposite of the Technology Twilight Zone. It's a place where budgets are met, projects are delivered on time or even early, employees have high morale, and customers are happy. Is it also, you ask, a mere fantasyland? Nope. The Efficiency Zone is quite real here because of new technologies that save energy -- which in turn saves dollars -- while still making life simpler. Our immediate goal is to help bring all this into your laboratory or office. We'll post news, a 'blog, links to handy resources, your comments, case studies, and more. Meanwhile, we're just now getting up to an ecologically friendly speed, so please be patient as we add new content and tweak the page design. Or if you prefer instant gratification, then help us out by suggesting news, a cool link, or what have you, by using the comment form below.
- Evan Koblentz, online editor