e_arrows.jpgProductive Product:Delphi Packard Electric is making halogen-free automotive wiring in designs that are thinner, more pliable, and safer to recycle. The development is part of Delphi's umbrella "E/E architecture" plan, officials said.

Delphi's new system, already used in the 2007 Toyota Tundra, is made of copper wire coated with GE Plastics’ new flexible noryl resin. That's safer when burned for disposal compared to traditional PVC insulation which emits chlorine gas, officials said. The decreased physical wire size means less material is needed per vehicle. Other companies also make halogen-free automotive wiring, but Delphi officials believe theirs is more durable.

Designs for other manufacturer's vehicles are also being planned. Delphi Packard. www.delphi.com