This watch could save your kid’s life

Mon, 11/19/2012 - 11:35am
Kasey Panetta, Associate Editor

If you’ve ever felt that heart-in-throat, hyperventilating, out-of-body feeling of not being able to find your kid in a park or after school, only to have her reappear after a few seconds of mind-numbing panic, you can understand why someone would want to invent a Lojack for children.

Technically, it’s a watch, but the Leo wristwatch from Guardian Lion wireless won’t just tell you what time it is; it’s also a phone, GPS locator and –worst case scenario—a 911 panic button.  You can set up designated areas for your child and receive a real-time text with their location if the person ventures from that area or route.  You can also set up designated no-go areas. If you child ventures into this place—an old reservoir, bad area in town, etc.—the watch will automatically text you and 911. It can even tell you if your child is traveling over a set speed. And you don’t have to worry about someone taking the watch off -- the wrist strap is tamper-proof. If someone tries to remove it, you’ll receive a tamper alert with an address, and the watch will call 911.

Photo courtesy of, kids are only one target for this $249.95 watch. The company is also marketing it as a way to track elderly patients or as a safety device for college kids.

The key to using this device seems to be having a discussion with your kid about being safe and where they should be.  The amount of potential false 911 calls because parents aren’t talking to their kids or kids are sneaking off is alarming, but the potential for this to be a life-saving gadget is what really matters.

The company is currently trying to raise money for the venture through indiegogo, but they say the launch will take place whether it’s fully funded or not.

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