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Fri, 02/17/2012 - 9:49am
Alix Paultre

Alix PaultreThis is the last column I’ll write as an editor and least for now, as I’m moving on to another job where I will continue to serve the electronic design industry. Since joining this publishing group five years ago, I have had a fantastic time working with a great team in the effort to migrate ECN and its sister publications into the new media environment and market reality while still serving the electronic design community with the best in news, products, and resources.

When I first took over as Editor in Chief of ECN, it was a different publication in many ways. Advantage Business Media recently purchased the brand, and it needed to recreate itself as an engineering resource greater than the product news tabloid it once was. You hold in your hands the results of a multi-year effort the ECN team undertook to accomplish this, and industry recognized the ECN website last year when it named it one of the “10 Great Media Sites” by BtB Media Business Magazine (

During my tenure working with the ECN team, we created and implemented initiatives to refresh and repurpose the flagship publication of the Advantage Design Group to better address our target audience of electronic design engineers. The lessons from that successful effort are being applied to the other publications of the group, and they include new processes, sources, and ways to address online audiences using the latest in publishing tools and practices.

I am moving on to become the marketing director of a power supply manufacturer, where I will continue to serve the design engineering market as a member of the power electronics community. In addition to helping power engineers find solutions, I will continue to work with the IEEE, PSMA, EISA, and others, as well as continue to participate in industry events like APEC as a panel moderator and speaker.

This is more than a mere job change; I will be completely changing tracks, “going over to the dark side,” as some journalists refer to marketing. But I see it more as leaving the press box to play on the field than abandoning journalism for business. I will continue to be a strong advocate for engineers, and I will now address issues from a more proactive stance. I will also continue to participate with ECN as a member of its editorial advisory board, website blogger, and print contributor.

ECN is a great publication and will continue to grow and develop to serve the community, and I am proud of my past service with the brand. I wish everyone at ECN and all of you in the audience my warmest wishes, fondest farewells, and highest hopes for the future.


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