Connectors Meet Soldiers’ Protection, Secure Connection Requirements

Fri, 04/30/2010 - 7:35am
Elizabeth Rubbo, Fischer Connectors,
Around the world, Future Soldier Programs are focused primarily on development of technologies to reduce the soldiers fighting load and power requirements, improve the soldier’s protection, lethality, and environmental and situational awareness. The goal is to outfit soldiers for the high-tech battlefield by creating lightweight, fully integrated infantry combat systems that are reliable.

Fischer Landforce Series are specially designed for soldiers, vehicles and mixed applicationsSafety for the soldier through reliable, durable and quality products that meet the needs of the new digital battlefield is essential. How important is military digitization for land forces, reliable computing and connections of today’s and tomorrow’s battlefields? If connections are more secure and lives are protected, then an interconnectivity system has done its job. More compact product designs that are small and easy to handle are needed for connected devices with restricted space requirement needs. These could help to revolutionize the future warrior’s uniform by enabling military contractors to focus on further downsizing and reducing the dimension of the equipment they design.

With these objectives in mind, and because so much is at stake when it comes to the safety of war fighters, engineers and design teams must create new lines of products specially designed for defense forces. Because today’s military operations and safety of soldiers depend upon staying connectors, vendors are meeting mission critical technical parameters and the demand for compact, rugged and lightweight connectors with extremely robust keying, and ultimate sealing level IP68/69K characteristics. Some of the latest connectors offer EMC 360° high performance shielding tested according to IEC norm 60512-23-3 - four extremely robust mechanical codes, allowing an easy mating even in the dark. Military connectors feature a wide range of configurations including multiple contacts such as from two to 19 poles.

Secure connections for UltiMate protection are needed in the area of battlefield communications.As an example of a military connector that is able to withstand extreme temperature fluctuations from -55°C to 140°C in standard configuration, Fischer Connectors’ LandForce Series can achieve even more with special fluoro silicone O-rings. The highly conductive treatment ensures the integrity of data transfer. Essential to today’s digitized battlefield, this feature significantly improves the equipment that protects the soldier and thereby enhances soldiers’ situational awareness and help war fighters participate in the worldwide internetworked systems that share critical information with them and their units without compromising missions.

Field Applications
The most significant applications for secure connectors and cable assemblies in the field include soldier equipment, manned and unmanned vehicles, and mixed use involving both soldier and vehicle. Modern Soldier applications are mostly involved with portable and hand-held radios and light weapon interface connections, day and night imaging devices and target acquisition, ground and satellite communications devices, batteries and power source devices, GPS and situation awareness systems. All must be reliable and secure for the transfer of voice, data, pictures and videos.

Fischer LandForce Series: Compact, Rugged, LightweightInterconnectivity products must be very rugged and able to handle a range of demands from onboard armored vehicles to modern soldiers with electronic equipment and power sources. Connectors must be able to provide high performance in water tightness and in vibration encountered in land and sea ROV, and UAV with fixed wings and rotary wings. These unmanned vehicles are designed to operate in the harshest environments where reliability of connections becomes vital.

Perform Without Failure
Finally and most importantly, war fighters need to count on a secure connection for ultimate protection. When your life not only depends on rapid connections but also on accurate transmissions of signals, you must be able to blindly rely on the performance of your connected equipment. Soldiers are now walking computers. They may have navigational devices, displays, weaponry systems, and communication devices all connected and then networked back to a filed command post or HQ. And they are counting on a secure connection to provide ultimate protection.

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