Electronic Component News has served the electronic design engineering community with tireless dedication through times of disruptive market and technology change since 1956, providing the electronic design engineer with the latest news in technology, devices, subsystems, software, and components to help them with their design efforts. We enter 2012 with great enthusiasm, reflecting not only what we’ve achieved, but what we will do in the future. We redesigned the ECN website and printed publication in 2009 to better address market forces the needs of our audience, but did not stop there. Continuing our growth progression, we not only continued to expand and develop our community content online but also continued the migration of ECN with another print redesign in 2011.

Our efforts to continue to serve you, our audience, this year we were recognized by BtB magazine as one of the 10 industry media websites in existence (http://bit.ly/ecntop10), a ringing endorsement of the hard work of the ECN team in their efforts to create the best publication, on- or off-line, for the electronic design engineering community. In the New Year we will continue to create new ways to continue to serve you with the latest information to excel at your craft.   

Editorially, we will continue the expansion of our voice and footprint into a more web-oriented presentation of news and multimedia while still keeping the print relevant by providing browsing aids like smartphone QR codes and deep text links to guide you to things like expanded web content and multimedia and podcasts to watch and listen to on the fly. In addition ECN will continue to expand its coverage of advanced technologies like low-power near-field communications, Solid-State Lighting, and disruptive application spaces to keep you up to date in the latest technologies and devices in our challenging and rapidly developing industry.

As a market, we are being faced by many issues, from reallocation of spectrum to the explosion of ubiquitous computing, the Cloud, and applications and markets from the Smart Grid to the Smart Automobile to the Smart House. Many application spaces and the products that serve them barely had electricity a couple of decades ago are now hotbeds of embedded systems development, often requiring advanced functionalities like multi-spectral wireless for functionalities from app-based cloud-supported user features to back-door OEM “internet of things” system upkeep and management. The changing environment calls for an expanded view on where intelligent systems are going (among other things) and what it will take the design community to get there, and we here at ECN will continue to bring it to you.

On another note, congratulations to Dennis Morita who is the winner of the Find the Dragon contest sponsored by Memory Protection Devices.  Dennis has won a 46” Sony Internet TV.  Last, but not least, let’s also congratulate the winners of the “Baseball’s Biggest Stage” Contest sponsored by www.onlinecomponets.com, Ebmpapst, and Crydom. David Elzig and Dan Lambesis each won a $500 Apple® Gift Card and Angela Richardson and Scott Hulbert each won a $250 Apple® Gift Card.