Steve Jobs The world will be a little less interesting with Steve Jobs gone. He was one of the people who had truly changed the world, how we percieve it, and how we live in it. He and Steve Wozniak literally created the personal computing industry in that famous garage in California. Steve Jobs had a vision and Apple followed it, creating a device that was intended and designed to be an information tool, a way to not only do old things in a new way but also do completely new things. Even before the Macintosh, Jobs had a vision to create something that was not simply an automated typewriter to do the same work that had always been done.

alix macMy first computer was an Osborne, but my second was a 512k Macintosh. From that moment I was hooked, an Apple fanboy that went through a succession of Macs, from the SE to the LC to the Color Classic (which I still own although no longer use). I only went to the Windows "dark side" because of business infrastructure reasons, and my wife still only uses Mac laptops. Apple inspired loyalty and fomented development; inspiring, stimulating and enabling, and just simply getting the job done.

Getting the job done is why the iPod dominated the industry, a great tool that did its single task extremely well. When multiple functionalities became an applicable reality, Jobs made sure that Apple products integrated those functionalities seamlessly, keeping the utility of the device by preventing the feature set from overwhelming the user through intuitive interfaces and seamless infrastructures. One expects an Apple product to not only function at a World-Class level, one also expects it to look incredibly cool while doing it. Jobs always had a passion for design and functionality, and it is reflected in every product the company makes.

Steve Jobs' passing has left the electronics industry (as well as society) a little poorer, but his legacy will continue to enrich the world.