Of the products revealed at CES 2010, which is the most commercially viable?

Michael Wilson, Gigle Networks, www.giglenetworks.com

Michael Wilson - Gigle NetworksThis year’s CES brought forth a number of new and exciting products and technologies for the consumer. As with each year’s show, there were hits and misses with some products primed to become major retail successes while others may never make it to the store shelves.

One technology that looks to be promising is 3D TVs. While the topic is not new, the technology has matured over time and major television vendors are expected to release their 3D TV models later this year, introducing an entirely new way of watching your favorite program or sport and adding yet another level to “home entertainment.”

The success of the 3D television depends in part on the robustness of home networking technologies. Consumers will demand a simple and easy way to share 3D content among a variety of devices throughout the home. In the home networking world, that means higher bandwidth and converting all of the required networking nuts and bolts into a plug-and-play, uniformly satisfying consumer experience. If not, 3D TV might become a one-dimensional device to be enjoyed in only one room in the home.