The Connect ME JumpStart development kit from Digi International includes a Comment ME module and development board. Software provides a 90-day evaluation version of Microsoft's Visual Studio 2005 Professional and the Microsoft .NET Micro Framework SDK plug-in for Visual Studio. This kit provides a quick and easy way to investigate .NET Micro Framework and its related tools and to build an embedded product that requires an Ethernet connection.

Embedded Fusion offers a Tahoe development board ($299) that comes with a Meridian CPU module (Freescale i.MXS processor) and the .NET Micro Framework. The board also supplies a 2.7-inch LCD, nine pushbuttons and a serial I/O port. The company offers many sample programs and drivers.

Freescale Semiconductor's i.MXS Development Kit lets designers produce code and products that work with Microsoft's Windows Vista SideShow technology or as .NET Micro Framework applications. The i.MXS processor, based on the ARM920T core, serves as the heart of this development board.