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Novell rejects $2B buyout offer, explores options

March 22, 2010 4:30 am | by The Associated Press | News | Comments

Enterprise software provider Novell Inc. has rejected a takeover offer worth $2 billion from private equity firm Elliott Associates L.P., saying it will explore other ways of rewarding shareholders, a process that may include paying a cash dividend or attracting another buyer.In a statement...

Alchimer Opens 300mm Applications-and-Development Facility in Asia

March 22, 2010 4:26 am | News | Comments

Alchimer, a provider of nanometric deposition technology for semiconductor interconnects and through-silicon vias, has opened a facility in Seoul, South Korea, for demonstration of its innovative processes on 300mm wafers.


Check out the Femto Forum Plugfest at CTIA

March 22, 2010 4:00 am | by Rupert Baines, picoChip, | Blogs | Comments

Although common in the data-communications industry, plugfests are less familiar to those of us who work in mobile communications.


Earnings Preview: Adobe Systems

March 22, 2010 3:30 am | by The Associated Press | News | Comments

Software maker Adobe Systems Inc. reports its fiscal first-quarter results on Tuesday after the market closes.WHAT TO WATCH FOR: Creative Suite, a software package targeting professional designers and developers, brings in the bulk of Adobe's revenue. The company launched the most recent...

Global economy: OECD contributes to G20 efforts to bring public finances under control

March 22, 2010 3:28 am | by OECD | News | Comments

The OECD has produced a set of recommendations for G20 governments to help them rein in escalating – and some cases unprecedented - levels of public debt. The recommendations focus on strategy, timing and action and looks at reforms that can strengthen public finances over the longer term.


China Telecom Profit Rises

March 22, 2010 1:24 am | by Wall Street Journal | News | Comments

The country's largest fixed-line operator by subscribers said it will increase capital spending this year on its broadband and value-added mobile service segments as competition increases.

New alloys key to efficient energy and lighting

March 21, 2010 9:24 pm | by EurekAlert | News | Comments

(Arizona State University) Researchers at Arizona State University are making improvements to semiconductor alloys that will help overcome some of the technical roadblocks to producing more effective photovoltaic cells for generating solar energy and will enable light-emitting diodes to...

Failed Brands Get New Life

March 21, 2010 8:24 pm | by Wall Street Journal | News | Comments

Systemax is trying to profit after buying the names of two deceased store chains, CompUSA and Circuit City.


Google to Disclose China Plans

March 21, 2010 2:24 pm | by Wall Street Journal | News | Comments

Google is expected to announce this week its next steps in China, where it has said its plans to stop censoring search results may force it to close down its site.

Taste Cells in the Stomach and Intestine

March 21, 2010 6:22 am | by Curious Cat Science and Engineering Blog | News | Comments

Stomach’s Sweet Tooth Taste, scientists are discovering, is a whole-body sensation. There are taste cells in the stomach, intestine and, evidence suggests, the pancreas, colon and esophagus. These sensory cells are part of an ancient battalion tasked with guiding food...

Chinese media say Google is politicizing dispute

March 21, 2010 4:30 am | by GILLIAN WONG - Associated Press Writer - Associated Press | News | Comments

State media lashed out at Google over the weekend with editorials accusing the search giant of helping forces abroad attack China and its laws, while calling efforts to pressure the country over its Internet censorship "ridiculous."The critical editorials and op-ed columns came amid signs...

Michigan State urges community to woo Google

March 21, 2010 12:30 am | by The Associated Press | News | Comments

Add Michigan State University and the surrounding area to the cast of thousands of communities competing for Google's experimental, high-speed broadband network.Officials with the university in East Lansing are encouraging students and residents to support the effort. It promises to be more...

High-Speed Pipeline Revs Up Biomass Analysis

March 20, 2010 3:24 pm | by National Renewable Energy Laboratory | News | Comments

High throughput system can analyze enzymes, poplars, switch grass, thousands at a time to help determine which plants are best suited for biofuels.


Tool That Tracks Solar Installations is Open to All

March 20, 2010 3:23 pm | by National Renewable Energy Laboratory | News | Comments

NREL's new Open PV Web site lets users download information about installations, explore trends in photovoltaic markets.


Engineering Mosquitoes to be Flying Vaccinators

March 20, 2010 7:24 am | by Curious Cat Science and Engineering Blog | News | Comments

Mosquitoes Engineered Into Flying Vaccinators by Emily Singer Researchers in Japan have transformed mosquitoes into vaccine-carrying syringes by genetically engineering the insects to express the vaccine for leishmaniasis–a parasitic disease transmitted by the sandfly–in their...



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