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Researchers demonstrate measurement system able to resolve quantum fluctuations

July 2, 2015 9:54 am | by Raymond Simmons, National Institute of Standards and Technology | News | Comments

In this universe, anything that can vibrate will vibrate, and no oscillator is ever truly at rest...


Making the biofuels process safer for microbes

July 2, 2015 9:47 am | by Scott Gordon, University of Wisconsin-Madison | News | Comments

A team of investigators at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Michigan State University have created a process for making the work environment less toxic—literally—for the organisms that do the heavy lifting in the increasingly important field of bioproducts derived from cellulosic biomass...


Engineering Update Episode #117: Brick-laying robot can build a house in two days

July 2, 2015 9:45 am | Videos | Comments

This new robot can lay 1,000 bricks an hour. With a building plan programmed in, a 3D CAD design calculates the location of each brick, then uses its telescopic arm to set them in place and secures them with mortar—all from one set position.  


NASA's Curiosity Mars rover studies rock-layer contact zone

July 2, 2015 9:44 am | by Guy Webster, Jet Propulsion Laboratory | News | Comments

NASA's Curiosity Mars rover is examining a valley where at least two types of bedrock meet, for clues about changes in ancient environmental conditions recorded by the rock...


US must fund urgent $270B in nuclear weapons upgrade plan

July 2, 2015 9:36 am | by Sputnik | News | Comments

The United States has to spend $18 billion a year for 15 years to modernize its entire nuclear deterrent force or risk losing it entirely, US Deputy Secretary of Defense Bob Work told the House of Representatives House Armed Services Committee...


Two-way point-to-point analog/digital communications module ideal for valve control

July 2, 2015 9:30 am | by Signal Fire Wireless Telemetry | Product Releases | Comments

SignalFire introduces a new Two-Way Analog and Digital Communications Module that wirelessly mirrors analog and digital signals between two points as a standalone system. Ideal for wireless valve control or retrofit applications in oil and gas fields where analog...

Navy going big on 3D printing next year

July 2, 2015 9:26 am | by Bryant Jordan, Defense Tech | News | Comments

The Office of Naval Research will meet with 200 industry reps later this month in advance of the Navy’s deep dive into additive manufacturing — aka 3D printing...


Army researcher invents new ways for intelligence analysts to visualize, interact with information

July 2, 2015 9:17 am | by Joyce M. Conant, ARL Public Affairs | News | Comments

Army researchers are improving how computers manage a myriad of images, which will help analysts across the DOD intelligence community...


Board can use commercial, industrial or automotive graded Artix-7 FPGAs

July 2, 2015 9:15 am | by Sundance Multiprocessor Technology Ltd | Sundance Multiprocessor Technology, Ltd. | Product Releases | Comments

The EMC2-7A100 can use commercial, industrial or automotive graded Artix-7 FPGAs and is complimented with 1Gbyte of DDR3 local storage, 32Mbytes of Flash memory for storage/configurations and has 68x free differential I/O pins which are routed to a VITA57.1 FMC-LPC...

Ultra-stable JILA microscopy technique tracks tiny objects for hours

July 2, 2015 9:14 am | by National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) | News | Comments

JILA researchers have designed a microscope instrument so stable that it can accurately measure the 3D movement of individual molecules over many hours--hundreds of times longer than the current limit measured in seconds...

Implantable 'artificial pancreas' could help diabetes patients control their blood sugar

July 2, 2015 9:11 am | by American Chemical Society | News | Comments

Living with Type 1 diabetes requires constant monitoring of blood sugar levels and injecting insulin daily. Now scientists are reporting...

Effective conversion of methane by a new copper zeolite

July 2, 2015 9:10 am | News | Comments

A new bio-inspired zeolite catalyst, developed by an international team with researchers from Technische Universität München (TUM), Eindhoven University of Technology and University of Amsterdam, might pave the way to ...


Rocket Lab to build orbital launch site in New Zealand

July 2, 2015 9:10 am | by Rocket Lab | News | Comments

Rocket Lab has unveiled plans to build an orbital launch site on Kaitorete Spit in the Canterbury region of South Island, New Zealand...


Study: Targeted LEDs could provide efficient lighting for plants grown in space

July 2, 2015 9:08 am | by Purdue University | News | Comments

A Purdue University study shows that targeting plants with red and blue LEDs provides energy-efficient lighting in contained environments, a finding that could advance the development of crop-growth modules for space exploration....


US Navy’s E-2D Advanced Hawkeye moves closer to aerial refuelling

July 2, 2015 9:05 am | by US Navy | News | Comments

The US Navy has successfully conducted a critical design review of the E-2D Advanced Hawkeye's aerial refuelling (AR) capability, taking a major step towards the aerial refuelling of the aircraft...



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