A discussion on Design Tools

Moderated by Editorial Director Alix Paultre, participants in this conversation included Richard Levin from National Semiconductor, Richard McDonell from National Instruments, and Thierry Goossens and Bob Marshall from FCI.

This Tinker's Toolbox discussion is a continuation of our discussion on Design Tools and the importance of layout and device simulation software inthe design process. We also read a submission from the audience with comments and answers from the panel.

Today's particpants:

richard levin
Richard Levin 
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 Richard McDonell from National Instruments
Richard McDonell
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Thierry Goossens
Thierry Goossens
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 bob marshall
Bob Marshall
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Our next discussion will expand to benchtop tools and best practices. Please send any ideas and/or comments for the Tinker's Toolbox panel to ecn_web@advantragemedia.com and we'll incllude trhe best in our conversation.

The purpose of the Tinker's Toolbox (TTB) project is to foment passion and positivity within the electronic design engineering community by conducting an industry community project to discuss design and development tools and methodologies.

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